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How To: Milk Bath Photography

Interested in tackling your first milk bath session? Keep reading below!

The new craze in the photography world are Milk Bath sessions. Some may say, what IS a milk bath, exactly? And it's really...just that. I did my research, as I always do, via Google, You Tube, several photography blogs, the whole nine yards. A lot of people suggested powdered milk, powdered cream, and some other crazy non-essential items. I've decided to simple it down for the every day photographer.


  • A tub

  • 1 gallon whole milk (1 gallon per client)

  • Real flowers

Very, very simple Prepping consists of:

1. Cut your fresh flowers. I purchased mine at Wal Mart for ranging from $5-$10 per client.

2. Run the bath to desired height and pour in your gallon of milk. For clients with infants/toddlers, I filled to the half way mark. For individual portrait sessions, I filled it almost to the top.

3. Work your magic

and voila! You're ready to shoot your first milk bath session. It literally is that easy. I found the perfect suite, and made it my bitch.


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