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Mid-South House of Weddings Cinematography

Our Main Goal Is To Make Our Couples Happy

With each project we are hand on because we don't want your wedding video to be generic or uninspired.  You won't find us just "showing up and pressing record".  Being someone whose top priority is quality wedding videography makes you top priority for us.  Your are making a personal investment in trusting us and in return we are going to invest our time and efforts into doing the most for you!  Our couples get more than just a business exchange, you get a relationship that makes you comfortable knowing you chose the right videographer for your wedding.  More than anything we really just want to make our couples happy!

Wedding Videographer in Coldwater Mississippi

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Our couples put their hearts into planning a wedding.  We know you make them unique, memorable, and a reflection of your own personal taste.  That's why delivering a wedding video film from us is set to such high standards for the final product.  You worked hard putting it all together and we want to match that by delivering a final product equivalent to your love. 

We are based in - but not limited to wedding videography in Olive Branch, MS.  Given the experience we bring you can focus on enjoying your day knowing video is one thing you don't have to stress about.  We understand the value of capturing raw emotions for you wedding film. Using our cinematic style with storytelling allows us to go above and beyond featuring those moments for you. 


When you go to find a local wedding videographer be sure to do your research, ask questions, and make sure you can reach out to them ANYTIME! Are you looking for a local wedding videographer in Mississippi?  We are local (within 3 hours) of videography in Tennessee, Mississippi, & Alabama.  Each of these locations are our primary areas but if you'll have us we will travel anywhere you need us to be.  


Are you looking for a destination wedding videographer?  Someone maybe not doing wedding videography in your area, or maybe you just want a videographer with a style that fits yours.  Maybe you need a Florida Wedding Videographer.  No matter the area, we can be there. 

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